So, I’m an Indian physicist.

Given a piece of non-trivial knowledge, I’m interested. This can get annoying. I read arbitrary things, and though I try to keep myself above a certain level of technicality sometimes I am overpowered by cat pictures (warning: NSFW; even if you’re in a cubicle be careful, for this makes some people burst out laughing). I won’t be posting cat pictures, as a rule, but I thought I might as well tell you.


The main point here is, to become right you have to say wrong things. This is my platform to force myself to say wrong things, because between the interminable reading I tend not to get down to it.


I’ll be posting about whatever catches my fancy. This can include physics, philosophy, math, information theory, social sciences and maybe some ruminations caused by interacting with people.

(The splitting of fields up there probably reflects something or the other about me. I’m always interested in resolving the projections, though I worry about descending into reading noise.)

Addition 25/1/14: Apparently I started off with a post about politics/communities. I want to hold myself to restrict such posts to promoting and understanding, rather than criticising; I’m much better at being rational about others’ consensus reality.


Also, I have an unhealthy fondness for non sequiturs.


Saam-daam-dand-bhed is a Hindi idiom that lists the four prongs of persuasion – asking nicely, bribing, threatening, and using social status. I like it, because it nowhere includes reason.

Weak-mind theory is a word I made up, because my explanation for things tends to be, people don’t have time to think so much. “People are fucks” is my real-life catchphrase, which I lapse into using because I’m far too lazy to actually explain what I’m thinking.

The cover photo is a screenshot from Raising the Red Lantern (1990). The film comes highly recommended, especially for its visual qualities.


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